The College Library has a large number of books on various subjects pertaining to B.Ed course. The books on general items and encyclopaedias are available in the stocks of the library, sequentially accessioned. The educational magazines, journals and periodicals have been subscribed and regularly placed in the library. The National and local newspapers are made available to the students and teachers. The librarian is available for issue of books during College working hours.

The library has been housed in a spacious hall where the comfortable arrangements of study for 50 to 60 students is available in the reading room. No student is allowed to create indiscipline in the library, if any is found guilty is liable to be punished.

Rules & Regulations of the Library:

  • The books are issued to the students for one week only.
  • If any student does not return the book after one week, he is liable to pay a fine of Rupee Two per day.
  • If any book is lost or tampered or turn, the students has to deposit a new volume of the same author or double of the cost of book is chargeable from the defaulters.
  • The journals and magazines will not be issued to any student.
  • They students are strictly advised not to deface any newspaper or magazine or journal. They are further advised not to write anything on the study tables or chairs. The defaulter, if caught, will be fined, accordingly.
  • All students will pay an amount of Rs 500.00 as Library Security which will be refundable after the declaration of the final results.
  • No outsider is allowed to enter the library without the prior permission of the principal/Lecturer incharge/Librarian. The reference books will not be issued to any student, staff member, without prior permission of the principal.
  • The Book borrowed by the students and retained by them during summer vacations will be charged a fine of Rs. 100/- per day.

Library cum Identity-Card

All the students are advised to secure a Library-cum-identity-card from the office. The students are supposed to carry identity cards with them during college hours. The identity card is to be returned by the student after the completion of the course.

The students are to produce Library-cum-identity card at the time of borrowing book from the college Library. In case this card is lost, a duplicate identity card will be issued to the student on payment of Rs 50/-.